Yariv Ben Dayan


The Yariv Ben Dayan Studio directs, produces and implements projects requiring creativity, superb artistic and technical talent and ability, and a highly professional level of finish. The studio specializes in decorative paint finishes, murals, and oil paintings as a decorative design element. In addition, Yariv has developed superb professional expertise in creating designed elements and 3D sculpture projects.
The studio provides a professional solution for projects, with regard to both material and decorative paint finishes, while using the wide range of materials appropriate for internal and external display. The Yariv Ben Dayan Studio’s vast experience and supreme technical skills in the fields of decorative paint finishes and large-scale sculpture projects enable the artist to work freely, unrestricted by material or form, and to provide an enduring, precise, and professional look. The studio offers personally tailored solutions that enable you to realize your design dreams.
The Yariv Ben Dayan Studio has participated in many unique and prestigious projects, both in Israel and abroad. We work in close conjunction with architects, interior designers, entrepreneurs, management and supervisory companies in the construction industry, production companies, visitors’ centers, hotels, theatres, museums and many other public and private organizations.
It is for good reason that professionals regard the Yariv Ben Dayan Studio as a reliable, professional and innovative partner that unfailingly supplies optimum and perfectly tailored solutions for each project.


Yariv Ben Dayan, the studio’s founder and director is a multi-disciplinary artist of uncompromising standards who possesses a masterful touch. He developed within the d├ęcor world and has been a member of United Scenic Artists in New York since 2005. He accumulated his experience in the field of material, design and creativity while working extensively on international projects and has since progressed and diversified to new realms of creativity and innovation.
Yariv’s professionalism, precision and exquisite quality are the keys to, and hallmarks of, the studio’s success.

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